Hey QTIPS: I am in the process of organizing my passwords. I would like to put them in an app and have heard of KEEPER. It has a template and seems very easy to use. It does cost $30/per year. Is there an app similar to this one that is free?

QTIPS: Password manager apps that I can recommend include 1Password, LastPass and Dashlane. These apps do come with a subscription cost.
1Password is my password manager for desktop and mobile devices. LastPass is very popular and also recommended by tech experts I'm in touch with.
What little I know about Keeper suggests avoiding it.
Passwords can be securely managed without additional cost using current versions of leading desktop browsers Google Chrome for PC and Mac, Apple Safari for Mac, and Microsoft Edge for Windows.

These links have info about managing passwords in your web browser:
Passwords can also be safely managed on iOS mobile devices and synced with your desktop computers without additional cost. Go to iOS Settings > Passwords & Accounts. Android mobile devices can manage and sync passwords using Chrome.
Digital password managers work great. Still, it's a good idea to keep a printed accounts and passwords list in a safe offline place. Periodically download and save a copy of your digital passwords as a text file. For good measure, print the text file and tell trusted people where you store it.
A handwritten accounts and passwords list works in a pinch. A basic accounts and passwords list template is attached as a PDF. Save and print the PDF. Jot updates whenever passwords change. Note that sample data appears as an assist only.
This template provides a flexible framework for organizing and recording key elements of your online credentials.
Key elements include vendor name, account name, account number, email address, username (sometimes different), recovery email address, password, PIN (sometimes an alternative to your password), challenge questions, and comments.
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