A "Never-Ever" is something no one should ever do. "Never Evers" are those sometimes unwritten rules about things that matter most to us; love, family, work, and computing.

Topping my list of computing "Never-Evers" is this: never, ever fall for the friendly-looking ads for sneaky PUPs (a.k.a. Potentially Unwanted Programs) with names that variously promise to "Clean", "Scan", "Speed Up", "Repair", "Auto Fix" and/or be the "Keeper" of your Mac.

Benign as these apps seem they are malware. Apple warns users to avoid installing them, and that removing them isn’t easy.

Online ads (see screenshot) are served up by Google’s Doubleclick online advertising platform target unsuspecting Mac users. This particular ad appeared on NYTimes.com in their Smart Living section. Really?

Wouldn’t you think that Google, The New York Times, and others would block these ads? I do.

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